Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - Planet of the "Safe Zones" 

Lastly, what is really at the root of one of pro-homosexual's ideology biggest contradictions is the combined statements of #6 and #7:

No one knows what causes sexual orientation


It is impossible to convert heterosexuals to become homosexual nor is it possible to convert homosexuals to being heterosexual

This is, at its root, a very simple logical contradiction. But it is also false on another level. Firstly, the contradiction: if we didn't know what caused homosexuality, we couldn't say it can't be changed. Take another example: if we don't know what causes diaper orientation (people who feel a desire regarding diaper objects), we can't say that it can't change, ever. If we don't know what causes pedophilia, we can't say it cannot be changed, we can't affirm that a pedophile cannot be "converted" to a person with an adult orientation. So, if it were true that we didn't know anything about desire and dysfunctional and functional sexualities, we could not, even then, affirm that nothing could be changed about any form of desire, including homosexual ones.

However, the problem with this contradiction in homosexual ideology is that 1) there is an extensive and profound body of knowledge concerning sexual psychology (including multiple desires, myriads of causes/causal experiences, influences, social conditioning factors, traumas, etc). Therefore, we do know a lot about sexual desire, even if there is a lot we don't know. We are not at a "know nothing" scenario. 2) Even if we didn't know anything, we couldn't affirm desire was something that relegated humans to equal reptiles, with no choice or experience influencing any form of human emotion or behavior, including the sexual arena.

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