Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - Planet of the "Safe Zones" 

It is also worthy to note that liberals adore using the "No one knows what causes sexual orientation" and "Based on what is known about sexual attraction" formulas, as if there were like 5 people in the world who knew what little there was to know about sexuality.

And not like thousands of researchers, writers, and individuals, all who have contributed to form an enormous body of knowledge, of documentation of experiences, and where probably one single human being could hardly be informed or read more than 1% of all there is to know about sexuality that has been compiled up to date.

So, more appropriately, the statement in the manual should read, "based on what we, ignorant, homo-obsessed liberals wish to believe, that is, our own complete ignorance on human psychology and desire, and emotional development, and social conditioning, since none of us wishes to know anything about what causes or influences homo or bisexuality or trans-gender sexuality problems, it sounds nicer and it serves our purposes if we simply say, "no one knows anything"... period." Problem solved.

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