Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tom Jones, gyms, and diseased sexualities 

As per Jack's dubious comment on Tom Jones, instead of writing another reply in comments window, I'll make another post. (Refer to this post to see where I'm coming from).

So I found Tom Jones on YouTube, and what do I see? I see him singing a few of his greatest hits, from the time that he was very young (and totally green), when he was sort of unsure of himself, that debutant, getting used to being on stage, not accustomed to having an entire audience gawking at him, singer; through his peak time, where he is at his best; and ending with recent performances, cruising on his old and worn out success, since he can't do much singing anymore, and his voice is so eroded and lackluster that it is worse than mine. (Tom green , Tom mature, Tom can't sing anymore (but we still like you)


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