Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tom Jones, gyms, and diseased sexualities 

Parenthesis: If these artists were pimps and prostitutes behind the scenes, this is not what I would qualify to as worthy or healthy, but I'm talking about when it was not a hypocritical display of modesty and respect, but when people really had those attitudes and values. They had been brought up to relate to each other through respect, including in the sexual arena. Surely there were many idealized stage performances put on by a lot of artists (Hollywood offers numerous perfect examples: people who appeared all glossy on screen, stinking trash in real life). But something profoundly important has been destroyed in our society, even if it existed in another problematic context then.

Jack, however, apparently only pays attention to any sleaze connected to Tom Jones. Firstly, by mentioning that women have thrown undies at Tom in his concerts (a practice which had nothing to do with my comment). Secondly, by mentioning a song which is a modern version of the “Carmen” opera story, that is, a legitimation of violence against women through the claim that a man is entitled to “re-establish” his honor (read ego) by murdering a woman who betrays him, that is, who escapes his control or refuses being his property. Again, the only thing Jack comments on are problematic aspects of Tom Jones' career - which I certainly wasn't referring to at all, and, even more importantly, those are things that I would never think of as “refreshing.”

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