Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tom Jones, gyms, and diseased sexualities 

Society went from this “dollyfying” process to profoundly “sleazefying” women, which is just as destructive and demeaning, but it's a whole new oppressive ball game. Many of those old music clips and “B” movies, like Elvis' and the older James Bond movies, come to mind as good examples of this “pussycat” doll-idiot, sexy but brainless, model. You know, the young women in profoundly hair-sprayed coiffed hair, all clad in 70's bikinis fawning around the big male star. That culture severely put women down, but it was not through vulgarity and a diseased sexuality. Many of the beginning Motown groups presented themselves in suits and gowns, not dressed as pimps and prostitutes. Even the Beatles often appeared in a suit and tie. It is this lady- and gentleman-like demeanor that I was referring to as “refreshing.”

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