Thursday, April 19, 2007

A tale of two professors regarding Cho 

Giovanni wrote a letter to then-department head Lucinda Roy, who removed Cho.

[From which we conclude that faculty in general need to be receive training to detect and get help going for troubled kids.

To allow a mentally ill student who is having inappropriate behavior in a class serves no reason, if you can't help the student change. If the student doesn't get serious help, they won't change, and may go from bad to worse. Intervention of the right sort of help is key. Expelling the kid from every possible class will only further his isolation, depression, rage, emotional difficulties, etc. Lots of concerted action needs to be brought together if things are to go from negligence to constructive and effective aid.]

Roy alerted student affairs, the dean's office, even the campus police, but each said there was nothing they could do if Cho had made no overt threats against himself or others. So Roy took him on as a kind of personal tutor.

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