Thursday, April 19, 2007

A tale of two professors regarding Cho 

When the semester ended, so did Roy's and Cho's collaboration. She went on leave and thought he had graduated.

When she and Giovanni learned of the shootings and heard a description of the gunman, they immediately thought of Cho.

Roy wonders now whether things would have turned out differently had she continued their sessions. But Giovanni sees no reason for people who had interactions with Cho to beat themselves up.

``I know that there's a tendency to think that everybody can get counseling or can have a bowl of tomato soup and everything is going to be all right,'' she said. ``But I think that evil exists, and I think that he was a mean person.''

[What a stupid woman. You know what she is saying, that he was genetically evil, that's what "unable to change" amounts to. Parallels to the gansta rappers come to mind, the junk of privileged young black men who are in a position to denigrate underprivileged black women, and do so without batting an eye.

There was a time not too far away in history when pundits like this Giovanni idiot claimed you could tell how evil a person was by the size and shape of their cranium, which obviously is something that cannot change.

I suppose it is easier for this woman to frame the entire Cho issue as essentialist evil, instead of looking at how ignorant she herself is about mental illness, how much the school system failed Cho, and how much society at large failed him as well.

More fundamentally, she is herself a fine example that ignorant people can do a great deal of evil themselves, while simultaneously putting themselves up on a pedestal.]

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