Thursday, April 19, 2007

A tale of two professors regarding Cho 

Giovanni encountered Cho only once after she removed him from class. She was walking down a campus path and noticed him coming toward her. They maintained eye contact until passing each other.

Giovanni, who had survived lung cancer, was determined she would not blink first.

``I was not going to look away as if I were afraid,'' she said. ``To me he was a bully, and I had no fear of this child.''

[There it is again. Cho probably had bullying behaviors and there is nothing right about it. That she should not want to be bullied and that she stood up to any such behavior is not the problem, it is anyone's right to do so. It's how myopic and daft she is about how serious his problems were. This was not about a personal "my assertion" v. "your assertion" tug-of-war (woman v. man, professor v. student), but about detecting serious emotional and psychological problems and acting in a responsible way towards the student. ]

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