Saturday, April 21, 2007

Several Professors Had Worried About Cho - Took Action 

"Mistakes were made" evidently, along with appropriate action taken, by different players in the Cho tragedy. The question now is will any of the ongoing investigations reveal the real faulty lines in the sequence of events, or will the ability to withhold accusing information, blame-shifting techniques, etc. prevail?

I was glad to see several articles also pointing out that dealing with mentally ill students is a difficult call for any school, that the mental health system is highly broke, and that resources are not enough or appropriate. In at least these articles, the hate-infested-profit-greedy media stops the gory sensationalism and monster portrayal scheme, like vultures attacking a beleaguered corpse, and they start doing what they should have done all along: informing and educating the public regarding the complexities of this case.

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