Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Seung Cho's Violent Plays - What clues therein? Do they tell more about him or society? 

"When I first heard about the multiple shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday, my first thought was about my friends, and my second thought was 'I bet it was Seung Cho'," wrote Ian MacFarlane [former student] in an internet posting.

He posted two plays, Richard McBeef and Mr Brownstone, which were apparently written by Cho. "When we read Cho's plays, it was like something out of a nightmare," Mr MacFarlane wrote on AOL News. "The plays had really twisted, macabre violence that used weapons I wouldn't have even thought of. Before Cho got to class that day, we students were talking to each other with serious worry about whether he could be a school shooter. I was even thinking of scenarios of what I would do in case he did come in with a gun, I was that freaked out about him. When the students gave reviews of his play in class, we were very careful with our words in case he decided to snap."

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