Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Seung Cho's Violent Plays - What clues therein? Do they tell more about him or society? 

In the first play, John, 13, accuses his stepfather of paedophilia and murdering his father. The teenager talks of killing the older man. The play ends with the man striking the child with "a deadly blow".

John says at one point: "I will not be molested by an ageing, balding paedophilic stepdad named Dick. You committed a conspiracy. Just like what the government has done to John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe."

In one scene, John throws darts at an image of his stepfather and says: "I hate him. Must kill Dick."

If all of this "allegedness" is true (alleged authorship, alleged macabre violence, alleged horrible weapons, etc) - could any of it be disguised autobiographical experiences?

For how long had Cho been a "loner?" Had he ever had friends? What were his parents like? Family environment? Previous school environment? Was he a child abuse/molestation victim? Battery victim? Or the opposite - previous perpetrator of some sort?

There was mention he might have been on medication? Why? Who gave it to him?

"When we read Cho's plays, it was like something out of a nightmare," Mr MacFarlane wrote on AOL News. "The plays had really twisted, macabre violence that used weapons I wouldn't have even thought of.

Such as?

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