Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Seung Cho's Violent Plays - What clues therein? Do they tell more about him or society? 

And, excuse me, while we are still on Imus clown-like scandal, and its multiple layered double standards, ridiculous hypocrisy, extremely myopic shock at the vulgarity of his infamous "nappy" term -- what exactly do millions of teens the world over do and watch for hours and hours on end on video games? Which movies are hitting the big blockbuster list, time after time?

Mr. Cho, an exception to having violent thoughts - in this culture?


Did anyone watch 300? Apocalypto? Not Saw 1, but 2, but 3? Couldn't meet the demand for sadistic violence, could they? They had to go and make 3 sadistic, nazi-like, grotesque limb-sawing movies, because our present mass mob inaptly called a civilized society just clamors for more and more.

I will repost my previous recent post on the subject:

O'Reilly - Is America Becoming a Sick Society?

Hats off to O'Reilly for excoriating the success of sadistic cultural products, which are all promoted and consumed under the banner of freedom.

On this Halloween, the No. 1 movie in the USA is "Saw III," a sadistic slasher flick designed solely so its audience can enjoy graphic depictions of human suffering.


There is nothing worthwhile about seeing graphic displays of unspeakable violence. And if you enjoy that, you might want to find out why to protect yourself and others.

I recommend you listen to the audio version or read the article.

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