Friday, April 13, 2007

No B.... Please 

Nope, it's not the "BS" word in the title. Another "B" word this time.

Sometimes I eat lunch at the student cafeteria, where there is a predefined menu, not that bad actually. The main hot dish includes some protein, some veggies, some starch, a French bread roll, and 2 options among salad, dessert, cheese, or fruit. I usually am not hungry enough to eat both the starch component (pasta, potatoes, etc) and the bread roll, and I definitely prefer the bread roll. So, whenever I get to the counter place where they are dishing out the main course, I ask to hold on the potatoes or whatever starch it is. Last time I went to lunch there, I did that, and, to my surprise, immediately, like in a knee jerk reflex, the two young guy students in line behind me said almost in unison, "And no broccoli for me, please!" I felt like turning to them and saying, "You need to eat stuff like broccoli, you know, do it for your body!" But I didn't, and that's not why I am telling you this, that was like a very minor little surprise occurrence.

It's when I had finished eating and walked over to deposit my tray on the rolling tracks that take the trays to be washed, inside the kitchen, that I noticed something dismaying. The long line of trays rolling side by side towards the kitchen all had plates where there was, if we take the aggregate total, a lot of food left over. And quite often it was the entire serving of broccoli, potatoes, or whatever. Or there was like 90% of the bread roll left on the plate.

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