Friday, April 13, 2007

No B.... Please 

I had already noticed when I am in line that it's very rare to hear a student say they don't want a particular helping of food. This time it was kind of anecdotal because the two guys rejected broccoli, no less, and it was in such a reflex manner to my asking to hold on the potatoes. Nice contrast! I ask for more broccoli, they ask for more fries! And they are a lot thinner than I am! ;-)

If we take a very conservative amount of 2 ounces of food (roughly 50 grams) per student, and multiply by 1 million students, that's 50 000 000 grams or 50 metric tons of food thrown away every day per million students. So, in a school year (for our little calculation's sake, say 180 days), that's 9000 tons of food in the gutter, completely and totally wasted. Including all that broccoli!!! ;-)

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