Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's All Entertainment 

He also wanted George Bush tried for war crimes for believing the CIA (but then that’s so mainstream now).

Imus could have called the Rutgers team a bunch of Amazonian whores and he’d still have a job at MSNBC -- a station that believes (accurately) that the most entertaining program it can create is a picture of a CBS radio broadcast.

But instead, Imus made mention of racial characteristics in an affected black colloquialism. He thus volunteered for modern America’s Grand Inquisition into unintentional racism. This is what a country is reduced to when it can’t find a lot of actual racism to justify a continuing struggle against racism. The revolution has many enemies and some are so well hidden that they themselves thought they were loyal citizens, so the purges must continue. The only other alternative would be to declare the struggle over and move on to a different problem -- one that might not bring back groovy memories of the sixties and prop up an aging establishment of professionally offended shakedown artists.

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