Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's All Entertainment 

Since Black People are regarded as a unit, they must have a leader who speaks for them with a single voice, the mouthpiece of the Black Collective -- a sort of racial Pope that can accept official apologies from other ethnic denominations. Apparently, this Papal Prima Donna (complete with bouffant miter) is the Most Reverend and High Holy Al Sharpton. (If I were black, the mere presumption of this would set me off. But I am white bread, so I digress.) The Black Pope used to be the Very Quite Reverend Jesse Jackson, but his silly Suessisms and paternity settlement (Rainbow PUSH! Breath, breath, breath. PUSH!) seem to have put him into the second tier in the minds of the liberal white media, who are, after all, the self-appointed Electors of the Black Pope.

Unfortunately, there is more to the issue. Firstly, as I have remarked, the double, triple, quadruple standards with c(rap), hip-hop, etc. which is barely a thin line away from porn.

Secondly, on a larger scale, the Imus circus reaction does highlight the deranged mess that the African-American people's "movement," if it can even remain to be called that today, is in. When young black junk of men insist that a culture of "pimps and ho's" is a culture of empowerment and affirmation of a slum community, send in George Orwell. This leads to the question, what are the major ills of the black community today? Who leads, who follows? What is leading the black community? Can we speak of a black "community," and is it useful to do so, that is, to continue creating conceptual communities segregated by race?

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