Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's All Entertainment 

Just as I found this excellent commentary above, I also found this article, which interviews young people with such nauseating views that I don't feel like writing about it.

If people found radio host Don Imus' comments about the Rutger's women's basketball team offensive, why are people at South Carolina State University lining up to hear similar words from rap artists?

In one song from a performer at Friday's concert, the n-word is used more than 100 times.

It's images and sounds like those that have Reverend Deforest B. Soaries on a mission to stamp it out. "We have been aware of the recurring theme that can best be described as a double standard. We have been frustrated for years that the culture has produced language that has degraded women and there are certain segments of the culture that seem to do it more than others."

The Reverend Al Sharpton, talking about Imus and other entertainers, says it's time to show the media and the public that it is not necessary to be misogynist and racist to be creative or to be commercial in this country.

WIS asked students at on campus about the concert and the lyrics. One student, Kendra Johnson, says, "The radio host was out of line when he said it. Some rap artists may be out of line, but they don't mean no harm."

Student Justin Miller says, "There's always a time and place for everything. With hip hop music that's a certain situation where those remarks can be used, but on public radio station pointed to a particular group it's not proper."

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