Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's All Entertainment 

You know, I was dying to write about the Imus circus, but I kept reading and reading a large quantity of commentary (usually disguised under the label of "news articles"), but I finally came upon one which is far better than anything I could ever write and it packs so many needed inciseful criticisms so concisely, and with such a nice bite, that I just decided to post it.

Apologizing to Al Sharpton Was Imus' True Racist Act
by Mac Johnson
Posted: 04/17/2007

Well, Don Imus is done. The geriatric shock jock that once won such praise from the media establishment for his irreverent off-the-cuff word grenades, has now been ruined by the media establishment for his irreverent off-the-cuff word grenades. What changed? Uh, let me just offer a word of advice to future I-men: keep your baseless insults directed at white folks. It’s much safer.

Like most humans, I haven’t listened to Imus in a while, so I didn’t hear the “shock heard ‘round the world,” when he somehow managed to work the phrase “nappy-headed ho’s” into a conversation about the Rutgers women’s basketball team -- innocent college kids deserving of nothing but praise for their incredible accomplishment. I last tuned in to Imus during the 2006 election, just long enough to hear him call Rick Santorum either a “weasel” or a “slime ball” -- or perhaps both. It’s so hard to remember one insult among so many.


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