Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Infuriated does not begin to describe how I feel. 

Mr. Liberal and I, very fortunately for yours truly, have very little contact and have had very little contact in our work for the project. However, even in this very limited amount of hours spent together in an important project meeting, Mr. Liberal, who cannot, in his wildest nightmare, imagine I would write a blog like this ;-), was just giving me one look after another, where his eyes were melting, and his admiration flickering every now and then in between the sweet looks.

At first, I just thought, there's a liberal for you, direct hierarchical relationship and what does he care? Can liberals ever act professionally? Can anyone not be game to them? He goes right for the look with so many hooks, unmistakable, not crass, but certainly not professionally ethical. I was not amused.

But then time passes, and my brain begins to fall into the trap. Maybe he is not such a "liberal" liberal. Maybe he has been really misinformed. Maybe deep down he is a good guy. Maybe... maybe... maybe...

Oh, Alessandra, you idiot! You naive, little ethical conservative! What do you think is inside the mind of a liberal? It is always crap!

At that moment in time however, with all these wishful maybe's popping in my mind, I began to think (that is, to have one of my worst recent delusions) that Mr. Liberal was actually, potentially, a decent guy.

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