Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Infuriated does not begin to describe how I feel. 

Fortunately, I can stay a long time without meeting face-to-face with him again.

I also have a conference coming up, where there will 3000 liberals per square meter, and, to comfort myself from this last horrible experience, at least, I will be very much on my guard with everyone, specially with any looks that come my way from such disgusting guys.

I am sad with what happened, nevertheless.

However, the world does go around many times, as they say in a certain culture, and wouldn't it be lovely, if many years from now, when I am safe and well-positioned far away from depending on Mr.Liberal for my career, that I will send him the address to this blog? Or publish other things that he may not like!

Surprise! And you hired me! And we don't think alike at all! Ah, what a nice little revenge...

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