Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Estimate for homosexual male domestic violence: 650,000 gay men are annually battered in the US alone 

Is it a surprise that modern American society concentrates its energy in Pride Parades and normalizing homosexual marriage instead of looking at how enormously violent homosexuals are? (Domestic violence in gay male relationships is the third largest health problem for gay men in America today.)

And how about bisexuals? How are we to know how much they batter?

Domestic violence is also prevalent in the gay and lesbian communities, occurring with the same or even greater frequency than in heterosexual communities (Barnes, 1998; Friess, 1997; Island, 1991; Renzetti, 1992). The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that 25% to 33% of all same-sex relationships include domestic violence.

And if they all batter so much, it is clear that homo and bisexuals have very high rates of sexual harassment behavior, including towards heterosexuals. It's all part of the same web of sexual violence towards others.

And if adult homosexual domestic violence is shoved completely in today's social closet, what does that say about the taboo of homosexuals parents abusing their own children? Maybe when hell freezes over, the liberal media and academia will want to investigate that.

p.s.: This book came out more than 15 years ago! From which we conclude: a society that is intent on homosexual propaganda has a profound closet, with an enormous quantity of statistics skeletons therein. You call young black female athletes some normalized denigrating hip-hip term and you hit the scandal circuit. You publish data about how criminal and diseased the minds of homosexuals are and the entire media becomes suddenly deaf and dumb, not for a week, but for decades.

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