Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A bright light stands out in the vicious mob 

another student said:
"(Cho) He's being vilified and dehumanized to help people feel more blameless, which is most definitely unfair."

Which leads many to wonder whether the shootings could have been prevented. Cho has been said to be mostly a quiet person, one who didn't socialize much, and could have received treatment for his problems.

Since creating her group, Swigart's been forced to delete many posts ripping her group and its members from the group's bulletin board. However, no matter how much hate mail she receives, she plans to continue to stand by her position and hopes other will follow suit.

"What happened was a tragedy, and a senseless act of violence, as so many others have said. There were 33 victims though. Cho was a victim of himself, and of hatred and of evil. He deserves to be respectfully and lovingly remembered, just like the rest of the victims," she said. "He has a family missing a child now, too, who deserve to be reached out to just like the rest of the families. But people are talking about the senseless violence and hatred of his actions. They are senselessly hating him in return, and that is completely unfair."

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