Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A bright light stands out in the vicious mob 

I felt so nauseated at some of the verbiage and vicious sensationalist language that (ahem) "serious" major papers around the world used, that I had to stop reading.

Sex sells, and monsters sell just as well. So, if this young man happens to be a human being, just throw that fact out the window and bring in the monster language.

However, continuing on the line that this brave, intelligent, kind girl has taken, society prefers now to embark on a fireworks-exploding hate-Cho-fest, instead of looking at all the help and diagnosis failures along this young man's path.

In exactly the same way that society continues to do the same thing to millions of other troubled kids who are out there now, suffering the same indifference, cruelty, and irresponsibility that is the hallmark of any negligent, sick, violent society.

Until these kids pick a gun, and go on a rampage, that is, because apparently this is the only way anyone then bothers to realize they exist. Even if they continue to be denied their humanity thereafter.

How many massacres do we need until people realize that Cho-hate-fests and pro-active prevention/aide measures are at the opposite extremes of the spectrum?

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