Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wow... the Foley scandal! 

Given that I have ten thousand annoying errand and other stupid things to take care of right now, I hadn't been following the Foley scandal (and a lot of other things that were in the news). But today and yesterday I had some time to read several articles on the Foley scandal and I came across so many things to comment.

Perhaps the one I will root most effusively for was only mentioned in one single article. No surprises there given what was written. It said now that the Dems had torpedoed the Republicans with this outing (even if they didn't start the outing themselves), that several Republicans were putting into motion a similar counter action plan. That is, there are a bunch of closeted homosexual and bisexual slime in society, and both parties have kept very quiet about them if they happen to play on their "team." Because these garbage of people exist in both parties, there was a kind of deterrence policy in place, "you don't blow the whistle on mine, and I won't blow the whistle on yours." That corrupt silence agreement has been now broken.

What I will most definitely root for is that a lot more such people are exposed. As I have written before, this is essential for society to reckon with the fact that homos and bisexuals perpetrate all kinds of harassment and violence in society, including to minors of all ages. Such a collective action is essential to break this obtuse pro-homo propaganda that every single homo is a little victim with no predatory or sadistic attitudes and behaviors.

Foley is so perfect as a targeted homo or bisexual slime to be exposed, because he is a Republican, a higher-up in society, he is in the Child Protection Committee, and MARRIED with CHILDREN.

It's just a moment for jubilation to expose 1) another "respectable by appearances" married slime in society, and 2) another homo/bisexual criminal/sexually exploitative human being. Specially one who admitted himself he is "gay." Even after his own forced outing and admission to being a homo, some fanatical pro-homos who cannot face reality could still be seen around the blogosphere desperately claiming that a homosexual only feels attraction to adults and never in an exploitative or sadistic way. Ha!

Now, given that the media are a collection of mouth pieces for the powerful in society, and the media usually work to perpetuate unreal myths and other misinformation that bother the dominant groups in society, all these counter investigation and "expose the dirt" actions may stall, because the media are too complicit to do their public service job - specially when it's homos and bisexuals doing the abusing and soliciting and exploiting.

So, I just expect those endless "We are going to take the higher road and not expose the personal dirt" hypocritical declarations from the media - when we know that "personal dirt" in these cases are either completely criminal activities or borderline ones, which are always unethical and harmful, even if the perpetrators can get away with them thanks to legal loopholes.

But we know that there are a lot of people in the media decision elite who are either like Foley or who have too many vested interests to make many serious partisan political enemies.

So we don't expect any riveting developments, like a major clean-up, which would be so nice, but we can always dream about it happening. And what a sweet dream it is.

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