Friday, October 13, 2006

NY Post's Peyser Rips Madonna 

I have no idea where this NY Post's writer stands in the political spectrum, but it's a good article:

NO WORD - yet - on whether Madonna plans to nail her brand-new bouncing boy to a crucifix, live, in concert.

Madonna, the sluttish, egomaniacal mother-of-the-century has topped even her most revolting self. She plans to remove a baby from the loving arms of his dirt-poor father, in one of the most desperate nations on earth.

Madonna has traveled far beyond her bra-baring, intercourse-simulating, public girl-kissing, Jesus-emulating loser antics to grab attention - and flesh.

The one-named wonder, who already has given birth to two children by two different daddies, one of whom she would not deign to marry, has her heart set on raping Malawi.

What do you think about Madonna adopting a child from Malawi?
Post your comments here Days ago, she lined up 12 African boys - tots hand-selected for her perusal. She picked out a 1-year-old, David, to take home in her luggage.

Well guess what? The boy selected in this freakish slave auction is no AIDS orphan. He's got a biological father, plus a granny - but was placed in an orphanage after his mother died. His family loves him. They just can't afford him.

If Madonna possessed a speck of sanity or shame, she would write a generous check. Instead, the boy's father says he is thrilled at the prospect of a wealthy American carting off his progeny.

Madonna should nail herself on her crucifix - for real, this time.

Malawi is making an exception to its law that forbids foreigners from adopting a baby. Living proof that money talks.

Madonna, who at 48 has more undeserved cash than probably sits in the Malawi treasury, agreed to pay big bucks for the transaction.

In exchange for her human package, she will pour $3 million into a center to help 1,000 Malawi orphans.

She'll also spend a mil on a documentary about the plight of children there. Presumably, this plight does not include Madonna's child purchase.

But wait - there's a catch.

Children educated at Madonna's new orphan center and bin for rejected babies will be taught a curriculum based on her pet religion, kabbala.

There is nothing that money can't buy, I suppose. That is except talent and taste - and moral fiber.

Stop this monster!

For all that I agree with how disgusting this "celebrity goes baby shopping at third world slave auction" circus is, we must ask, How did Madonna get all her millions of dollars in the first place? She is now something like the third largest record-seller in human history. She has made a career out of destroying moral fiber regarding everything in sexuality and personal relationships, and have we seen outrage? Oh, I forget, a liberal society has no taste and moral fiber when it comes to families, sexuality, and relationships. But now, their slutty-slimy sexuality idol has created a "race" issue. So will the cheap pop idol get a critical rap from liberals?

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