Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just Like Us - Only When Convenient 

One post that I started to draft in my mind is the contradiction foibles of pro-homos regarding how like/unlike homos are to heterosexuals in every way. At the present state of sexuality cultural affairs, different pro-homo discourses provide us with ten thousand absolutely illogical and contradictory statements or ideas about homosexuality vs heterosexuality. It is most interesting to examine these contradictions because they reveal quite often truths that society is afraid to confront.

One of the most fundamental tenets of liberal pro-homo ideology states that "homosexuals are just like heterosexuals in every way, except that they are attracted to same sex persons." Any objection to homosexuality would therefore lie on the same plane as a racist objection, where people are exactly the same except for the color of their skin.

Now, following this "exactly the same" statement logically, homos must be extremely violent as a group, because heterosexuals are so, including to minors. "No," comes the pro-homo propagandists, "homos are not violent. Homos are victims, not perpetrators. They are victims of society because their sexuality is not accepted as being totally good in every way, which is what a homo is. Homos are the ones who are not safe anywhere. And anyone who disagrees is just a retrograde homophobic."

Now, either homos are like heterosexuals, and that includes regarding violence - and therefore, as a group they are extremely violent - or they are a group of people who are not violent, and therefore unlike heterosexuals in just about every fundamental way possible.

What pro-homo propaganda wants however, is to have people's mind do a 2+2=5. Of course homos are "just like" heterosexuals if the issue is something cute like marriage, but anytime the issue turns to violence, then homos, all of a sudden, become a different species altogether, completely different from heterosexuals. Curiously, according to pro-homo propaganda, homos are "just like" heterosexuals in all the good things, and unlike heterosexuals in all the bad things.

When a case like Foley pops the denial bubble regarding homo predatory behavior towards minors, homo propaganda insists that the cause lies with the horrible psychological consequences of the closet experience. Here again we have a contradiction of the "like us, but completely different" slogan. When we examine a case of a heterosexual preying on minors, we may find reasons which often include lack of character, a sadistic mind, violent past, dysfunctional sexuality ideas, dysfunctional family values, etc. When pro-homos examine the case of a homo preying on minors, voilà, non of these causes are possible explanations and there is only one, "the horrible closet made me do it. (Please note: and it made me do everything else that's bad in my life)." One more example where pro-homos turn their discourse around and claim that homos and heterosexuals are completely different in their psycho-emotional dynamics, even substance.

And yet another example: so far at least, every country that has legalized homo marriage has found that only a minimal number of homos cared less to get married. It is interesting that homos are only like heterosexuals in wanting to get married when marriage is healthily defined as only for one man and one woman. The minute homo marriage gets legalized, homos, all of a sudden, are completely different than heterosexuals and shun marriage altogether and the great majority of them don't want to get married.

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