Saturday, May 13, 2006

Life spluterrings 

Came about an amazing thought: each human being has a unique contribution to make to the world. Veeeeeeeeeery beautiful.

I once met a girl (was an adolescent at the time) who told me her mother had given her the name "Precious" for her middle name. Lovely.

I currently have no TV. It's a very interesting state. Sometimes I miss TV, specially my favorite programs, and I think that's a big loss. Other times I am happy I don't have TV because one of the things having TV would do to me is that sometimes I didn't feel too inclined to go out and try to discover the world - given that I have often met a sleasy sewer in the place of what should be a world, and if you don't like pigs, trying to socialize nowadays is not such a fun endeavor. So there was the TV, you turned it on and remained in your little shell, lonely but away from pigs. But now there is no TV. I think I waste less of my time with "shell" time TV, even though I lose the chance to see some great things too. So I want to get myself involved in regular activities, most of the time, and then I want to see about having TV again.

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