Friday, April 07, 2006

Someone help us, innocent CD bystanders 

I recently had to frantically try to store some data from a hard drive in an emergency situation and I had not one but two CD's with me. And, did I succeed? Imagine my angst when I found out one CD was scratched and the other had a crack near the center!!

Why on Earth are we, innocent computer bystander users, being plagued with this medium that cannot ward off even one little speck of dust or it gets scratched to death?

What do we have millions of nerdy engineers walking on top of the Earth for?

It's to devise good, hardy, extremely inexpensive portable storage devices! You are just a waste of your salaries, all of you. CD's are terrible. And I've been told they deteriorate in a few short years. Another humongous headache we'll have to look forward to. You think you have it safe, all those years of work that you backed up on CD's and then... surprise!


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