Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Racism and Jacko 

From "Protests at the Michael Jackson Trial?" thread at World Mag:

We don't have all the evidence. Doesn't look good, [...] but [...] Rape, molestation, sexual harassment, that sort of accusation all but dooms the man in question and I prefer to give them their time in court before making any declarations or assumptions.

Posted by Christopher Taylor

"Racism," eh?

Posted by KJS

Racism? Dude, first you gotta actually pick a race!!
How much you payin' all those unemployed folks to stand around cheering for you Mikey?

Posted by Brad O'Brien

"Racism? Dude, first you gotta actually pick a race!!"

LOL nice one. But that was so bigoted. You don´t understand, he wasn´t meant to be black, white with a pointed nose is his racial orientation. The smart way to correct this total mentally dysfunctional state of affairs is for the poor oppressed Jacko to have trans-racial surgery to correct his outer body to match the race orientation inside his head. Jacko symbolizes mental health in the third millenium for America. With each passing day he displays outerly just how mentally healthy he is inside. We are all very happy he is not being victimized by a full of hate, bigoted society that would otherwise deprive him of following his true orientation.

You look at one of the pictures of him as a 10 yr old and one today and you see how far he´s come. Thanks to the progressives in our world.

Posted by Alessandra

I seriously hope you were sarcastic about that last comment, Alessandra.

Posted by BMG

:-) Need to improve my writing. I hadn´t thought I had left any doubt that it was satire. On the other hand, maybe because there are quite a few people spewing out such fanatic viewpoints about "orientation," you can no longer easily see someone would write the absurd with a satire objective. The absurd has become the norm.

Posted by Alessandra at February 1, 2005 07:30 PM

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