Friday, January 14, 2005

Malkin´s Hate Mail - Reflections on Prostitution Slurs 

A reflection that came at reading Malkin´s received hate mail.
(this does not concern, btw, whether I agree or not with any of Malkin´s political views - it´s a reflection on her hate mail).

Very visible how the main type of slur is to call her a prostitute or whore. When liberals/lefties want to attack conservative minority men, however, they usually don´t call them whores. (Albeit now, after the C-BS scandal, it seems the term media whore is becoming quite in vogue, but related to MSM gripes).

Quick reflections:
1) Lefties/liberals show their ingrained sexism for attacking women and not men like this.
2) Liberals are mostly too unethical and too violent to criticize prostitution systems, so why should they use the concept of "prostitute" as a slur? If they think a woman prostituting herself is such a bad thing (look how they chose to call Malkin), why do they hire so many prostitutes themselves and keep this system going world wide?
3) I would love to do a statistical study of the political bent of pimps in the US and around the world. (liberal/conservative, left/right wing)
4) Do I need to mention that most pimps who exploit and torture women are also pro-homosexual? Ah, the attitudes of these progressive people...

To be fair, several of these criticisms can be applied to a portion of conservatives (have no idea in what proportion).

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